Fine art watercolor painting for sale

Chambers County #3, watercolor, 22"x30", 2019




     Welcome to my official web site featuring recent images of my paintings and information on my art! Having been a contemporary artist since 1997, I work in traditional media including watercolor, oil on canvas, ink and pastel. For some time now I have become recognized for a series of cityscape paintings based upon my observations of redevelopment projects concerning Modern and older architecture within central Houston. This work is now organized as my Houston History series and selected works can be seen on this site.

Currently, my investigations in painting are focused upon a new series of pastoral landscapes inspired by the  open pastures, coastal plains and timeless beaches of the Southeast Texas region!  This realm of inspiration has been percolating within me for many years and it seems that now is the right time to explore this concept of "Greener Pastures,"  Please view my Watercolors and Oil on Canvas sections to see images of this new work!  

Further, I am thankful  to say that my work can be found in corporate and public collections regionally as well as in private collections regionally, nationally and abroad. For more news and information please view my CV and Exhibitions sections.

Since January of 2017 my art has been represented by William Reaves and Sarah Foltz Fine Art in Houston, Texas. In 2019, the gallery became known as Foltz Fine Art. For information on work available for purchase, please click the Foltz Gallery page button below or call the gallery directly.

Ken Mazzu, Fine art Paintings, 2019

Opinions and views are solely my own and in no way reflect the views of any other organization, institution or affiliation.

"...Paintings artists  don't like are the best ones, because then they will do anything to them!" -Al Souza, UH, mid '90's

In the studio, Spring, 2019; with work in progress.



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Ken Mazzu Fine Art Paintings

Houston, Texas, United States